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MASKS c. 1976-78

These are images from an exhibit in 1978. Some were sold. some were gifted to those who endured the process of having their face covered in plaster, and many were destroyed by floodwaters in 1986. These photos are what remains. The pieces were signed D.Fay Allen Boggs.The basic facial structure is made from plaster bandage and subsequent coats of plaster with sanding between layers. The adornments include acrylic paint, beads, feathers, sequins, sea shells, ribbons, jewels, gold leaf, craft dough, fabric scraps and tassels. In all there were approx. 20 pieces. The pieces at Obiko Gallery in San Francisco were sold without a photo record. These masks from the exhibit at Harbor gallery in Martinez are nine of the 14 pieces in that show.




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Updated 8-1-2005