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Polaroid introduced the SX-70, Time-Zero film system in 1972, a color diffusion transfer process that is self-developing in natural light. The dyes beneath the Time-Zero print plastic coating are malleable during and after development allowing the print to be altered by pushing and pulling the dyes with stylus type tools. Although the SX-70 camera is no longer manufactured by Polaroid, Time-Zero film is readily available. Time-Zero manipulation appeals to me because the results are instant. There is no waiting for film to be processed. You are allowed the opportunity to see your image almost immediately. In addition the manipulation process allows you to further explore the idea of the image as you gently massage, push and prod the dyes. Texture can be added to the prints giving them the look of paintings. After manipulation the Time-Zero print becomes the negative. Scanner, computer and printer become the darkroom where enlargement, color adjustment and retouching complete the final print.





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